Monday, July 26, 2010

Wakc with his Godin Summit CT


Wakc (Guitarist of Slayank) has been using Dean Guitars for quite some time. However the shape and the tone proved too much. He has been looking for guitars and one of his friend Haffetz suggested Godin Summit CT with Seymour Duncan pickups.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Williams with his Farida T28


Williams a mechanical engineer is travelling all around the world solving mechanical problems. During his free time, he will be in the hotel room playing his guitar. I suppose the big guitar is getting more and more heavier so when he saw the Farida T28, solid body acoustic body, he loved the sound and took it back home.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yo Man, Purevibracion in the house!


Purevibracion a band who plays lots of reggae came to our store to try out the Fanndec bass which is quite alright for his second bass.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Aru Koffin kanser and his Cort Electric Guitar


Aru the frontman of Koffin kanser decided to drop by our store to look for a new guitar. He saw the AXL Les Paul Badwater but he found the Cort TS-100 has more tone and bite than the former. He decided to take the Cort Electric guitar TS-100!




Below is the biodata of Koffin Kanser!

ASAL Alor Star, Kedah
KERJAYA Penyanyi, Pemuzik & Pencipta lagu

Rock The World III di TA Securities Car Park, Kuala Lumpur (2002)
Konsert Reunion XPDC di Dewan Jubli Intan, Johor Bahru, Johor (Nov. 2007)

Breed New Agenda EP (1999)
Soul New Agenda (1999)
Koffin Khronicles Live In Concert - Pelbagai Artis (2000)
SixtyNine EP (2000)
Positive (2003)

Gott (1998 / soundtrack filem Dari Jemapoh Ke Manchestee)
Gadis Cengeng (2001 / album Brutal All Stars Chapter II)
Saya Anak Malaysia (2001 / album Brutal All Stars Chapter II)
Perjalanan (2001 / album The Underground Tribute To Sweet Charity)

Jikalau Berkasih; gabungan CD Naz, Bob KU2, Fathul Infectious Maggots (2001 / album Brutal All Stars Chapter II)

Modern Ozz Demons Psychotic Eastern Blitz 99-666 Vol.1 - Pelbagai Artis
Panggilan Pulau Puaka II - Pelbagai Artis (1999)

Rock The World III - Pelbagai Artis (2003)
Amuk - Live at Planet Hollywood (2007)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mark Lee Jay Min with Epiphone Les Paul Custom


Mark Lee is a student of guitar store and he just passed the Grade 3 examination. He has tried out a few and still liked the Epiphone Les Paul Sound and therefore he booked one for it. Right after he finished the exam, he took it with him!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yasmin with his Farida D10


Yasmin from UK (United Kingdom not Ulu Kelang) came to Malaysia to spend her summer holidays at Malaysia. She has been wanting to learn the guitar and saw us from the website and decided to come and give us a try. She decided to take the Farida D10 and we also gave her a free class to start her off to learning guitar.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Josh and his Epiphone Les Paul Std Plain Top


Josh is a friend of CJ who bought the Les Paul Std Plus Top from us a few weeks ago. Josh decided to drop by our store to check out our guitars and liked the Epiphone Les Paul Std (Plain Top). Josh also took home a Marshall MG15DFX.

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