Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beatrice with his new Acoustic Guitar


We know Beatrice quite some time, from the time she did Music Magazine, we have known her quite some time. She is now playing guitar which I think is influenced by her daughter. She chose the Farida D16N for the tone and the comfort.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kenny with his new Toy (Norman B18)


Kenny uncle of Wong Lip Kee, referred his uncle to us. Kenny a professional photographer decided to venture into guitar playing after going through some of the Eric Clapton Classics. He also started his guitar class with our teacher Khairul.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mary Ann with his Lee Guitar (Mayday)


Mary Ann a friend of Christopher (purchased a Farida some time ago) came to look for an Acoustic Guitar which is being sponsored by the choir members. After trying out he picked this one with the Mahogany Back and Sides which has a balanced tone and a better feel. Pictured here is her holding the guitar with her church friends who accompanied her and gave her some feedbacks and comments.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jon Ngin with his Norman B18 Cutaway


Jon, a friend of Lionel is looking for a good acoustic guitar for himself. He needed one that is able to use for worship in his church, After trying out so many brands, he still prefer the tone of a the Norman Guitar B18 which has a warm tone due to the Cedar Top. Hope he have fun with the guitar!

Jason with his Godin Velocity


Jason who has purchased his first guitar with us has been improving and now needed a better guitar. He came by our store with his father to try out the Godin Velocity and liked the color, the tone and and attitude!

Sam with his Cort KX-5


Sam a frequent customer of The Guitar Store Desa Sri Hartamas decided to pop by our store on Sunday to check out the Cort KX-5. Priced at RM 990.00, this guitar is string through body and decent nice stock pickups.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KC with his new AER Compact 60


KC a guitar enthusiast has purchased a Yamaha L series acoustic with a pick up. He intended to use this guitar for cell groups however the sound is not loud enough for his cell group members. So he decided to try out the AER Compact 60 and came to our store to try it out. After understanding the importance of sound and the quality of sound, he decided to invest into this amp and purchased on that day. Hope he have a wonderful time with it.

Yu Juan with his new Godin SD-22


Yu Juan (student of Keng) is looking for a new electric guitar. After having learn acoustic guitar for so many years, he decided to switch to Electric guitar. Afte trying out the Godin, he changed his mind and purchased it.

First ME-25 customer


Sanjaya with his first ME-25. Sanjaya if you remember bought the Godin LG P90 not too long ago, needed a versatile and user-friendly effects to drive his guitar tone.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bryan Lau and his new Godin SD


Bryan got to know us by one of us regular customer Samuel Oh from Klang. He came by to look for an electric guitar and was amazed the tone of the Godin SD. He tried it a few times and didnt want to try anymore, and he took the guitar back. This is him pictured with his uncle and cousin. I hope he enjoyed the guitar.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lukman with his new Cort Acoustic


Lukman a friend of Tarmimi also a regular of Guitar Store DP came by one day to check out our affordable Cort Acoustic Guitars. After trying out the AD810NS which costs less than RM 600.00. He took it back home to start rocking!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amy with the new ME-70


Amy from SEMENYIH saw our blog and checked out we have the new Boss ME-70. He drove his family all the way from Semenyih to come and check out the ME-70. Actually he saw that we have a unit of Boss GT-8, but he eventually picked the Boss ME-70.

This is a page for all guitar store customers. We hope that we will continue serving you and keeping our customers happy. Feed us with feedbacks and comments so that we could improve our services. Thank you for your support.