Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thomas with his new Epiphone Les Paul Std


Thomas has been looking high and down for the Epiphone Les Paul Std (Cherry Sunburst). He was being referred by Joshua who is our student. Unfortunately it seems this color is too popular that we need to order from some place else. However we tried our very best to send it here for him. I heard from Joshua that he is holding the guitar to sleep.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zubir B. Abdullah with his son Les Paul


Zubir son is a friend of Hakim who bought a Godin from us a few months ago. He told his friend about us and his friend (pictured here) wanted to get an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Cherry Sunburst) for himself. He also took a Line Spider IV 30 watts for his practice session.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yuet Yeng with his Godin Freeway Classic


Yuet Yeng a student of our teacher Keng, needs to change to Electric guitar and is in desperately need of a new axe. She wanted the Ibanez but she tried out the Godin guitars and seems to have a better tone and value for money since it is made in Canada. This is her posing with her sister and mom who looks like her sister as well.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Farizal/Collin from Sabah


Farizal (Black Shirt) and Collin (WHite Shirt) came to our store to check out our Tube Amps. Collin is interested in the VHT 6W and Farizal is interested in the Vox AC4TV. After checking out the sound and testing it out, they decided to take it. Before leaving, they wanted to take a photo…

Farizal with his new Cort G254


Farizal has been playing guitar for quite some time and he wanted to jam with his friends again. Zul one of his colleagues brought him to our showroom and he found the Cort G254 which comes in white. He also pickup up a Spider IV 15 watts. I think they will have a wonderful time jamming it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Basir with his new Farida D8


Basir who has played guitar just happened to pass by and wanted to play back his favourite tunes. Due to sometimes he needed to entertain and play with an amplification, he chose a guitar with pickup so he could perform as well. He chose the Farida D8 with Aero pickup after trying out a few types.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adrienne with this Cort Acoustic


Adrienne a student with us has been learning guitar with us for a few months. and once she got the hang of the guitar, she wants to buy a simple budget guitar for herself. She chose the Cort Acoustic which now she can play her favourite songs…

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Faizal an avid guitarist who has backed many artistes before is looking for a simple guitar for jamming with his buddies. He needed one that is unconventional and still has good tones. He chose the Cort Z42.

Hazrul with his new Godin SD-22


Hazrul a good friend of Dato Shafik has not played guitar for quite some time. He wants to play back now and is looking for a new guitar. After hearing Dato Shafik’s recommendation, he decided to come by and pay us a visit, and checked out the Godin SD-22.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ikhwan with his new Farida


Ikhwan has been searching for a simple acoustic guitar with good tones. He has surveyed most of the shops and found out that Farida has the most value for money. Picture is him with his friend.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ryan with his new Farida


Ryan a driver for the BMW Formula is looking for an acoustic guitar while he is not driving. HE has his eyes upon the Farida D10 with Aero Plus. He needed one guitar to entertain his fellow drivers while they are chilling out. Hope the Farida Guitars are able to soothe the drivers so that they could have a calming effect while driving.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jonathan Chin with his Godin Freeway Classic


Jonathan a student of our music school has long wanted a new guitar. He has set his eyes on the Godin Freeway Classic. After working to improve his school grades and able to play 3 songs for her mom, here is him holding his new Godin Freeway Classic.

Willy Hung and his new Godin SD


Willy a student from our store has been learning guitar for a few months. However he has no guitar to practice and therefore he needed a guitar to practise. He chose the Godin SD guitar for its playability and its black color.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheong with his Godin Redline HB


Cheong a close friend of one of our close friends too decided to drop by our store to check out our guitars. He has been learning to play acoustic guitar and decided to take up electric guitar as well. After trying out a few, he found that the Godin Redline HB has a more meaner tone and the color is nice too.

Allan from Down Under and his AER Compact 60


Allan from Australia Melbourne came to Malaysia for a short holiday. While holidaying in Melaka, he saw someone playing with the Digitech Vocalist, so he enquired for the Vocalist 4 from us, however after talking with him, what he needed is a simple Acoustic amp that is able to amplify his wonderful guitar tones. After trying out, he was so tempted but he needed to think about it because the initial budget was 2k but now it has balloned to RM 4k. However the tone from this amp is too good to resist. So the rest is history…

Danny and Kevin (AHM) MOEN Buffalo


Danny and Kevin from An Honest Mistake drop by our store to try out the MOEN Buffalo which is a preamp DI. After trying out the Preamp, Kevin decided to buy it. Hope this will hep in their playing for AHM.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Cort user!


Due to the fact he made this purchase too quickly we are unable to get his name! Sorry!!!

Allen with his new Bass Guitar


Allen who is the father of one of our customer Mindy, decided to get a new Bass Guitar for himself. He has his eyes on the Ibanez SR600 from Korea and comes in Natural Color. For the amp he chosed the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX.

This is a page for all guitar store customers. We hope that we will continue serving you and keeping our customers happy. Feed us with feedbacks and comments so that we could improve our services. Thank you for your support.