Friday, August 28, 2009

Timothy Wong with his first love guitar


Timothy who has been taking guitar lessons from his church where is being taught by Kysern has been looking for a Beginner’s Guitar. After checking out our Farida D52 and reading the reviews, he is convinced that the sounds and the value for money guitar is Farida. However the last unit of D52 has sold and I recommended him to try out the Farida D62 which is a Rosewood Back and Sides. After trying out and a struggle, he decided to take the Farida D62. Well, good luck to his guitar playing and hope one day he will be able to serve in the church.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Farida D52 and Calvin


Calvin saw the Farida on one of the youtube showcasing this guitar and he felt that the sounds is so good, so after checking out our blog, he made a trip down here and tested out our Farida D52 and found out that the sounds is as good as is true. Enjoy the guitar Calvin.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Trio with princess Mindy and Baby Taylor Part 2 of the triology


The saga continues with Addy getting his Baby Taylor and this time its important his maiden tagged along to support him. Of course the Trio with now the exception Shien has got all their litle guitars. So the saga continues… you know who we are talking about.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Trio and Little Martin Part 1


Shen, Damien and Eddie are real good buddies. Wherever they go they go together, whenever they buy a guitar, they buy together, this what I call buddy support. SO Damien has made a choice to purchase a Little Martin and so all of them come to celebrate this Little Martin into their “buddy” family. To be Continued ….. (Watch out for Part 2)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Azim with his Farida D8N


Azim who wants to starts to learn acoustic guitar is wanting to buy a good acoustic guitar. However his budget for the guitar is only RM 300 but I can recommend the Farida D8 which costs around RM 500++ and he needed time to think about it. After a day of thinking and sleepless night he decided to purchase it. This is him with his girlfriend and the Farida D8N

Affizie with his Roland Cube 20X


Affizie who is a regular in our cheras branch frequents music stores to add to his gear. He is now currently saving up for the Godin LGXT and before that he needs an amp to practice. So de decided to go for the Roland Cube 20X. A thumbs up for him as well.

Levi Wong with his new Farida D10N


Levi Wong from Kepng Baptist Church got to know us from a student of ours long time ago. He wanted to find another acoustic guitar because his pyramid acoustic guitar is difficult to play and he needed one for easier playing. So he tried and found the Farida D10 is easier to play. He chose the Farida D10N. This sister is a bit camera shy but cool…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Azman Khan with the Godin SD


Azman a friend of Lenny has come to experience the wonder of guitar playing. After going through some lessons with Kamal he has decided to take up the Godin SD 22 Flame Maple Top. For the

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Humaizy with his new Fender Japan Strat


Humaizy has scouted most of the stores and has tried different types of guitar but he still cant forget the tones from this guitar. I think he is very fortunate to have a wife to support his hobby. Happy shredding…

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