Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pam’s family and Farida D52


Pam (he one holding the guitar) has started learning acoustic guitar. Few years ago, they bought a Classical Alvira guitar. So when the teacher requested him to have an acoustic guitar he came for our help. After understanding about the importance of choosing the woods, she finally chose the Farida D52. This is her with her family.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Andy with his Jekyll & Hyde


Andy from Kuala  Terengganu saw our blog and has enquired a few times about our products. After checking up the Visual sound website he decided to try out the Jekyll & Hyde Pedal. Although a bit costly compared to Boss Pedal, the sound is really good and has a nice aggressive sound on it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

GT10 Wow!


This customer found his effects, and he found what he can do with the array of sounds in the GT-10. And all he can say is wow…

Hayvern Lim with his Farida D12CE


Hayvern Lim a long time friend and our regular has been poking the acoustic market. He plays the electric guitar however he wants to play a variety of sounds. So he tried out the Farida D12CE and found it to good to be at this price…

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hannah birthday present Takamine


Hannah’s birthday was last Friday 17th and she decided to buy herself a present. The Takamine Supernatural TAN 16C. This special guitar comes with a Tube Blend on the pickup itself. She has his friend Stephen Goh to help her to purchase this guitar.

Eugine Chang with his Farida D12CE


Sometimes buying an acoustic guitar is very confusing sometimes, that’s why Eugine needs to rely on this uncles and friends to give him a second opinion. Nevertheless Farida D12CE sound is so good that they couldnt find a problem with it. So Eugine enjoy the music with this great instrument.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Andrew and his Godin Radiator


After previously owning a SX Guitar, Andrew wanted to look for a much better quality guitar. He has been researching for a bit and came to know about Epiphone Les Paul Studio. So he came to our store and tried the Epiphone Les Paul Standard and found it a bit too heavy and put off by “Made in China”. He then tried the Godin Radiator and found it  a bit softer and still have the grunge sound. He then decided to purchase the Godin Radiator.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Effa, her brother and Epiphone Les Paul Std


Effa brother has been searching for a Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Black). However most stores do not stock this model as well as this color. Fortunately, we have a few shipped in and he is the first in the store to get it. Paired with a Micro Cube, he is ready to rock and roll.

Tan with his Maton EM 325


Tan who has been looking for an acoustic guitar has been comparing between different brands and models. However something about Maton has attracted him and he found that this tone is really what he wants. He decided to take the Maton EM325.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dimi with his Epiphone SG 400


Dimi from Jakarta came to Malaysia to study. He found our store from our blog and wanted to get his hands on the Epiphone SG G400. SO he came to our store and place an order with us. This is him and his girlfriend and his guitar.

Dzafran and his dream guitar


Mr. Azmir who is working overseas came back to Malaysia for a vacation. His son who turns 13 years has been learning guitar by himself for the past few years and he is good. To improve his gear, he needed a guitar for higher quality sound and tone. He chose the Les Paul SG 400 Faded Worn.

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