Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy birthday!


This girl wants an electric guitar for her 16th birthday present. She also took the Roland Micro Cube together with the guitar.

Lovely Couples buying Farida D8SB


This interesting couple walked to our store to purchase a guitar. Apparently, the boyfriend is teaching her to play the guitar. What a wonderful way to enhance one's relationship. Anyway, they picked the Farida D8SB.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mahalo Ukulele


Ukulele one of the easiest instrument to start off for a children.

Yamaha Digital drum


Mohd Akmal has been looking for a digital drum to practice his beats and strokes. He decided to go for the Yamaha Digital portable drum set.

Seong Foo with his Farida D62


Siong Hu a friend of Terry has been looking high and low for an acoustic guitar. After trying out a few brands, he stumbled upon the Farida. At first skeptical of the name and the made in china, but eventually tried it out and love the sound of it. Pictured here is with the Norman Gig Bag

Cadeson Ms. Sue and Mr. Tsai


Ms. Sue and Mr. Tsai has decided to drop by our store after flying over here from Taiwan. We are very honoured to have them over here to teach us a thing about drums.

VJ and his Godin SD Ele Gtr


VJ a friend of Adam who recently bought a Gibson SG Menace. He wanted to look for a value for money electric guitar. After reading reviews from the net and from friends he decided to set his eyes upon on the Godin SD.

Yun and his Korg PA500


Well we have too many customer buying products from us, and we have forgot one important customer that bought a Korg PA500. They have purchased a Gibson BFG and also a few accessories. So thank you for being our customer.

Yun's friend


Yun's guitarist looking for a guitar effect whichis not too complicated. Originally he wanted to go for the GT-10 but wanting to go for a simpler function and usage, he has decided to go for the Zoom G2.1u.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

SG Menace and Adam

image  Adam from Penang decided to pay us a visit after a friend referred us here. He wanted to buy a Les Paul but eventually saw the SG Menace as a very good deal and decided to purchase it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Edmund with his Norman B20


Edmund who is in the IT has been using Made in China Guitars. He decided to upgrade himself with the Norman B20 and picture here is with his wife who is going to deliver in the next few months. I think Edmund will personally play guitar to his newborn child.

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