Friday, February 29, 2008

Bus Company wuz here


2007 Battle of the Bands Bus Company decided to drop by one evening to check out our guitars. I guess after winning the grand prize money of RM 8,000, they might want to upgrade their gear... Anyway congratulations to them and keep on rocking!

Yon got his brand new Gibson BFG


Yon found his new Gibson BFG from us. Cited him from "the sound is thick and for this price of money and the guitar made in USA, you have no complain".

Here is a photo of him with his family. That Saturday became a family affair as we get to know his family.

Darren and his new axe


Darren found his new axe from us. He wanted something solid and vintage as well, and decided to opt for the Les Paul Studio, fortunately we found a Les Paul Studio with flame maple. Darren is also a student of guitar store Damansara Perdana.

Nor from Hujan "rained" at TGS Store DP


Nor from Hujan decided to "rain" on us to have his guitar strings changed and oiled. His unique friendliness is really down to earth. By the way, his guitarist Coco uses Godin LGXT. Anyway to know more about the band, click here.



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kenneth from Norway


A drummer from Norway decided to take a long vacation to Malaysia. Feeling a bit seasick, he decided to buy a set of digital drum set to keep him occupied when he is free. He opted for the Yamaha DTXPRESS 4 SPECIAL. I think it has been quite a long time that we has an international customer. We got him the drums in a day and he was all smiles when he received the drums.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Joseph from KL (Repair of frets)



Joseph had his guitar fixed. He bought in Ibanez for a fix due to a bad frets buzzing and needs to be levelled. We fixed his guitar in 3 days time. He was happy shen he saw his axe and complimented on the job done. Hope you are happy with the job done.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Manuel Rodriguez Norman Model - Sold

2008 Feb 23 006Ms. Ng was all smiles when we handed her newly bought Manuel Rodriguez Norman Model to her yesterday. We wish her all the best with her music studies in guitar. A happy belated birthday which was on the month of January.



2008 Feb 23 005

Ps. Andy and Wai Yi (SIB KL)


Last Sunday Ps. Andy and Wai Yi decided to drop by to purchase a guitar. After searching high and low they decided on the Farida D10ce. Hope that this guitar will be able to help Wai Yee to lead worship and serve god, touching people hearts. (Ps. Andy if you are reading this, the next time you buy something I am sure I will put your picture up, sorry!)

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