Friday, May 30, 2008

Jonathan with his Marshall AVT100


Jonathan who has a LTD came and change his guitar strings in our store. Apparently the Marshall AVT 100 caught his attention and came to purchase the guitar. The Marshall AVT has a new name, which is call Marshall AVT Tribute. It will be shortly introduced in the stores in the next 6 months.

Shai with his Ibanez Prestige RG1570


Shai who is in the advertising company and also a body builder wants a bit more versatility for playing. The Ibanez Prestige (Japan) is the just the right answer for all the divebombs and screeching highs, plus the neck is very slim for fast playing.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Smarvo Guitar Amp Sold


In Guitar Store DP we value everyone as our customer, even this guy who bought the Smarvo amp for RM 250.00.

Param with the Bass


Param who is a lawyer and also a big Toto fan decided to take up the bass. As he wants a good and stylish beginner bass, he chose the Ibanez GSR200. He later also took up the Smarvo Bass as well

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The ZBT4Pro


Zicky who has a Pearl Forum Drum Set Decided to change his cymbals. Apparently this ZBT4Pro now has an extra 18 crash cymbal. That is why he chose the Zildjian cymbals.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Me-20


The Me-20 is really a piece of  effect that really enhances the sound. That is what the comment of this customer. After checking out this effect for a few times, they decided that this effect is the one that they want.

Sherman with his Godin Guitar


Sherman has been learning classical guitar for quite some time, however he decided to take an interest in electrical guitar. He decided to choose the Godin SD for its value for money as well as the quality it has. Sherman is a private student of one of our teachers.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jeremy with his Ibanez Acoustic Bass


Jeremy which plays bass decided to look for an acoustic bass for practice as well for unplugged sessions. He decided to go for the acoustic bass from Ibanez which is cheap and good to use. Unfortunately we are still looking for a bag or a case for him.

Ahmad with his Digitech RP350


Ahmad has been eyeing the Zoom G2. However due to the stock is not available. Therefore he decided to go for the Digitech RP350. The Digitech RM 350 with an expression pedal and a USB port is good for practicing and able to connect to the computer to do some simple recording.

Monday, May 19, 2008

AG (Hujan) with his new Godin and Pick of Destiny


AG who has bought a Godin LGXT needed another Godin SD as a spare guitar. He decided to look into the SD (Flame Maple) which is just the right color for his image. Here with his friends the Godin and the Pick of Destiny. Now you all know why he could play so fast...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Aileen with her Godin velocity


Aileen hail from JB has started learning guitar with guitar store DP. She wants to have a guitar which has the versatility and able to have good tones. It also must be able to pair her perfect fair tone. Well hope she likes this guitar. Well she said she really liked this guitar. By the way she is first malaysian to own the Godin velocity.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Yellow Dean Guitar


Adik came walking by to our store the first time. She wanted an electric guitar because some of her friends started to play electric guitar and she wanted to jam together with them. Fortunately we have a Dean guitar (second hand) and therefore chose this guitar.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pretty Dolly


After checking out Joe Wings jamming studio, he found out that the studio uses this brand of pedals for their effects. So he decided to check out the effects and found out that the sound is good and the price is dirt cheap.

Johan and Alex Alagappa


Johan a student of Alex Alagappa has decided to come and look for an amp which has a variety tones and serve as a practice amp. Johan is learning jazz guitar from Alex and needed an amp with good tones. Well all the best from us

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rafique Rashid testing out the Acoustic Bass


Rafique Rashid one of our prominent singer-songwriters in KL decided to drop by with his friend Zal also a songwriter to check out some of the guitars and basses. Zal also an upcoming song writer uses the Takamine however she needed a more open sound for the type of music she expresses. Here is a picture of Zal testing our guitars. image


Zal testing out the Maton Bluegrass model

Friday, May 9, 2008

Archie and the Farida D10


Archie from Philippines has decided to look for an acoustic guitar. After checking out several shops in KL and Selangor, we are the 5th outlet that he checked us out. After checking out the Farida, he was happy with the sound and decided to purchased it right away. Hope he is happy with the guitar.

Jonathan Tan and his new Toy the G1


Jonathan a former student of TGS DP. He recently needed a gadget that will be able for his switch different sounds as well as a practice tool. The G1 is just the right answer which has the drum backing track.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tric Case


After recently having bought a Seagull, but couldnt find a Tric Case for his guitar. He finally found it at Guitar Store DP. In actual fact we dont sell Seagull but we sell the name Norman which is under the same manufacturer of Seagull.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Falahin and his Side kick


Falahin has been coming to our store since and has been buying stuffs from us. This time he has been looking for a Boss ME-20 and according to him, not much stores allows them to try it out. As you know the only thing that is free in our store is trying, so after testing he decided to get the Boss Me-20.

Kevin and Tiffany with Guitar and Ukulele


Kevin and Tiffany has decided to choose the Farida M2 NS for her and the Ukulele for him. Ever wondered how the two can conjure up what kind of music? Well Stay tune for them ....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mark and Chris with his new Ibanez


Mark and Chris has decided to give us a visit again and this time to buy a guitar. After browsing through the guitars Mark chose the S670 with a flame maple top. Here taken this picture is with the guitar.

Guitar Guy with his menacing AXL Electric Guitars


"Guitar Guy" came down on guitar Store DP to pick up a guitar. "Guitar Guy" wants a BC rich but after seeing the AXL he saw it is more value for money than BC rich and therefore decided to go for the AXL.

Daniel from Overseas with Norman Guitar


Friday, May 2, 2008

Allan and his Zoom G2


Allan a school teacher of Garden International School has been looking high and low for a guitar case for his Yamaha Jazz Guitar. After browsing our store, he found a Zoom G2 just nice for his practice because it comes with a drum pattern to train together.

Shafique with his Godin SD


Shafique and his brother dropped by our store late at night and decided to buy a guitar. After showing him a few guitars, he decided to choose the Godin SD for its versatility and its value for money. Shafique is also a student of guitar store Damansara Perdana.

Justin Seow with his Jackson DX10D


Justin Seow with his friend came down to the Guitar Store to purchase a new guitar. Wanting to purchase an ibanez but finally decided on the Jackson for the value for money. The DX10D is only selling for RM 1750 (made in Japan). Well picture here is his friends who helped to choose his guitar.

Daniel from Calvary Church with his Bluessy Driver

image Daniel who serve in Calvary Church playing as a guitar needed an effect which is neither too distort or too clean and he found his sound from the Boss Blues Driver.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fae Syimma with her new set of Killer Drums


Fae from Shah Alam is a student of TGS DP learning drums and piano. She has decided to choose the Pearl Export and Planet Z Cymbals. Unfortunately she is living in a condominium and therefore she needed Sound Off to mute her drums. Judging from her cool look, I think she is cool with her drums

Mark Thaddeus with new cables (Sommer Tricone)


Mark Thaddues was here to request a custom made order for his work in the studio. He chose the Sommer Cable (Tricone) and very satisfied with our work. Here picture is mac the technician who soldered the custom made cables for him.

This is a page for all guitar store customers. We hope that we will continue serving you and keeping our customers happy. Feed us with feedbacks and comments so that we could improve our services. Thank you for your support.