Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clarence with Godin xTsa


Clarence (Instructor of TGS and other music school, graduate of ICOM and band member of rushers (participants of the battle of the bands)) chose the Godin xtSA as his working axe.



Clarence with the rushers performing at Battle of the Band Sunway Lagoon 2007.

Syed from Nitrus paying us a visit


Syed from Nitrus was one of our customers which he bought a GT8 and accessories for their band. Honestly I think this band is really independant, as they have no help except themselves. They recorded the band themselves in their home recording studio. It is good to see them around. For more information about them click here. Friendster and myspace. We wish them best of luck in their upcoming music journey.

Music Video fro Nitrus "Resah"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Fly FM Guys are here ...


The Fly FM guys testing out the new Godin Redline. They were kind enough to give us goodies bag and as a return we gave them discount for Digitech Metal Master. I always believe they are one of the good radio stations in town and with these guys rocking in and out ... hmm....Anyway thanks for the support.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FGT Children Church

child church

Full Gospel Tabernacle (Children Church) bought the Pearl Export from us. This drum was donated by all the children in this picture. I think it is a wonderful idea for the whole children church to donate as it would mean that the drum belongs to all of them plus the children get to sign on the drum as well. Many thanks to Ps. Jenny and Christopher for supporting us. All the best FGT Children Church. 

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