Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OAG Guitarist Haifizul Azim new Fender Japan

imageOAG Guitarist Hafizul need a new axe for his upcoming shows. He saw the Fender Aerodyne when he paid us a visit with Stereo Sakit Guitarist Hadie. After testing and checking out the guitar, he fell in love with it and instantaneous music is produced.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Zafir and his Farida D8


Zafir is looking for a guitar for himself and his father. He has an old guitar with a cracked neck and when he was studying in Australia he was quoted a price of AUD 400 to repair it. So when he is back here in Malaysia, he saw our shop and decided to drop by our store to check out our guitars. He saw Farida and fell in love at first sight. Hope he has fun with the guitar.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chaw family with the Farida D10


The Chaw family has been searching an acoustic guitar ever since the son has registered for classes. They found us on the internet and therefore decided to pay us a visit. After explaining to them the different choices, they decided to survey other shops, however they decided to come back to us to purchase the Farida D10. Hope they enjoy the guitar as much.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Encik Ahmad 3 lovely daughters


Encik Ahmad from Shah Alam decided to drive all the way from Shah Alam to pay us a visit. One of her daughters is learning guitar in Shah Alam and they have been wanting to buy a guitar. After checking out our website and blogs, they decided to pay us a visit and try out the Farida D12CE, a laminated top with Fishman Cla 4. Hope they have have a wonderful time with the guitar.

Johan getting his first Acoustic Guitar


Johan who is into Real Estate plays the guitar during his free time. An avid collector of all sorts of guitars and plays for functions and sometimes plays at gigs too. He found this cute and cool guitar when he is browsing our store and decided to take the guitar. A Farida H10 with a Solid Spruce Top  They even have a debut CD now with his band Fuselage. For more details with his band, check out http://www.metamuzik.com and also http://amp.channelv.com/fuselage. Honestly, they are really good.

Dwen from Stereosakit is using Godin Now!


Dwen from Stereosakit is an indie band playing Punk Rock Music and is now and upcoming in the Klang Valley. Dwen the guitarist who is recording under Edrie Hashim label decided to check out the latest Godin for his collection of axes. He tried out the no-fuss Godin Redline HB and loves the sound of this axe. For more info on Stereosakit, please log on the http://www.myspace.com/stereosakit.

This is a video of them at KL Jam Asia.

Yen Ray with his new Taylor 814CE


Yen Ray has been learning guitar in Guitar Store (DP) and has hooked up on the Fingerstyle playing by Sungha Jung. Before that he was using a Norman B20 with a AER Pickup AK15+. However his father is willing to support his son with a better guitar. By the way, Yen Ray is using an AER amp and has put a few videos of him playing in Youtube. You can click below and check it out.

By the way, Yen Ray website is here, http://mryenng.blogspot.com/. By the way, Yen Ray will be performing in TGS Annual Concert. Stay tune.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Justin Gan with his new Godin Redline HB


Justin found our phone number from a website. So after calling, he came straight and saw our selection of Epiphone. In fact, Justin wanted to buy an Epiphone in the beginning but after trying out the Godin Redline HB, he finds the guitar easy to play and sounds good too. After checking out the guitars for a day, he finally came back and purchase the guitar. Hope he is happy with our service.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yi Hang with his Beloved Mom and Farida D10


Yi Hang is learning guitar in university and needs an acoustic guitar to practice. A friend recommended him to come here and he tried a few. After trying he still needs a second opinion and someone in Lpw Yat forum reviewed this is a guitar to get. So he bought it today and hope he have fun with it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jason Lee from Grace Assembly


Jason a church member from Grace Assembly is taking guitar lessons from the church. Eager to learn and wanting to have an instrument Pastor Joshua recommended them to come and consult me. After checking out their prices and explain the different kinds of guitar, Jason chose this unit. Hope they have fun playing the guitar and learning it.

Chew with his AER Amp One


Chew who is a friend of Dr. Dave has tried Dr. Dave AER Amp One, and very surprised for its power at this size. He has an old amp but due to the heaviness which resulted to his backache, he has decided to sell it and go for this one.

Sing Wee with his Norman B18 Classic 4T


Sing Wee a friend of Jason Lee also is learning in Grace Assembly. However he has been playing quite some time and knows to play some tunes. In fact, he has an old guitar but wanted to buy another one that is a bit better. He chose the Norman B18 Classic 4T

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