Monday, April 28, 2008

Custom Made Maton EBG808 Artist


Brian Gan from Penang ordered a Maton EBG808 Artist (with some custom made) months ago. Well the day has arrived where the guitar has landed at Malaysia. He took a bus from Penang and come all the way to pick it up. What can I say, Beautiful .... Anyway, we hope he is happy with our services. Later he wrote an email correcting a friend he knew from a friend about a mistake on my blog.

Hi Steven,

Just a quick note to say thanks to you for helping to arrange for the cab and when you couldn’t get one to actually ask one of your staff to give me a lift… really appreciate it. TGSDP folks are a real nice and helpful bunch of people.

Anyway, the post of Paul here has a little error, his guitars is an EBG808 Artist, not the TE model.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shaun from Australia


Shaun from Australia is in Malaysia for the past week for a worship conference. For his instrument of worship, he uses the Taylor 7 series. However needing to find a good gig bag to ferry to and fro from states and around the churches, he decided to purchase a cheap and good gig bag from us. Thanks for Guan Timothy from PJ EFC for introducing Shaun to us. We wish him all the best. Picture here is with her lovely wife.

Titus Goh and Guitar


Titus wanting to learn the guitar has just got a guitar from his father. He seems to be particular in love with red guitars, unfortunately, we have the alvira in Cedar and after some convincing I think he likes the guitar. Titus is now a regular student at TGS DP.

Fendi with his D8


Fendi who is into IT has an office in Metropolitan Square. He decided to take a walk at Memory Lane and found our store. Wanting to play his favourite songs he decided to look for a RM 300++ guitar. However after checking out the quality of the Farida D8, he decided to pay a bit more and opted for the Farida D8.

Soung Ern with his new pedals


Soung Ern the lead guitarist for EG has decided to add these 3 pedal for his effects arsenal. They will be performing somewhere around this week. More details will be known.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stephen with his G2

image Stephen from TTDI came to purchase a G2 from us. Apparently they came to purchase an adapter before, and the time is right to get a Zoom G2.

Lau and B8 18 Crash Cymbal


Lau has a set of Zildjian ZBT4Pro on his drum set. Thinking of expanding his cymbals, he decided to purchase a Sabian B8 cymbal for his expansion.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zoom here we go


Another satisfied customer with his Zoom G2.1u. Thumbs up

Saturday, April 19, 2008

In Real Damage Control


Faliq will be able to create some real damage real soon with his solid metal and phase shifter. Hard to imagine what kind of damage can he conjure up ???

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chain from Thailand


Chain from Thailand came to Malaysia for a short holiday. Little does he know he found his dream bass in our store. Luckily the taxi driver was recommended by a good customer of ours and he saw this Fender Jazz Bass (Maple neck) and immediately decided to buy it.

Farida R62 (just the right size)


Paul who got a Farida T28 took another R62 from our store yesterday. He just liked the body of this guitar not too big like a dreadnought but not too small like a parlor size. In fact, it fitted and produce the right sweet note from it. He is now having two farida now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Systematically Avoided Disaster


I believe this is the longest band name I have ever met. However Adam and his guitarists drop by to purchase a practice amp and I get to know this band and indeed a very long name for a band. SAB for short. Check them out at and

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paul and Farida


Paul has a Maton EBG808 Artist series and a EBG808L. However after seeing Jake Shimabukuro, he developed a liking for small things. He saw the Farida T-28, he finally found his small and petite guitar. Usually Paul never concludes on a guitar that quickly but the feeling is right and the sound is good, (I am not sure whether he likes the price I am giving to him) but he bought it. Well, hope he likes it and enjoy with it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kenneth with his D8 Guitar

image Kenneth a friend of one of our customer (David) came to our store on Saturday to find a guitar so that he can have one when he start his guitar lessons. The guitar he is looking for is one that is easy to play and good sounding, all the elements he found on this guitar. That is why he didn't hesitate to look for another one when he saw this.

Farida C6


Having owned a Yamaha C40, this customer decided to have an another classical guitar after hearing the sound of the Farida C6. The subtle sound and the depth of the bass is what makes this customer chose this guitar over his Yamaha C-40.

Stanley Chan with his new Microcube


Stanley a student of Guitar Store DP opted to change his old amp for the new Micro Cube Amp. Conclusion, nasty sounds for the price.

Ridzuan and his Samick

image After having bought a Samick (Left Handed), he felt the sound is not up to it, he decided to change the pickups to Seymour Duncan Jb Junior Strat. After checking the sound, this is what I took, so I think it is supposedly good.

Anyway, they are performing at a club at Damansara Heights this Sat night, so if you know which pub it is, check them out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bob Tan and his Cube Monitor

image  Bob Tan which is a dive instructor called us to order a Cube Monitor for his keyboard and his guitar as well as to do some singing. Having checked out later, happy with the sound and the price, he checked out with a happy smile. Well, all the best to you...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Clarence and his GT-10


Everyone, come and look at his funny smile when touching the Gt-10. Oh boy, I think he is the most excited one to buy the Gt-10. Ha, that makes the 3rd person to purchased it.

Terry from Johor Bahru


Terry whose hometown from Johor Bahru rushed back to KL to get hold of the new Bos GT-10. He has not even went back home to change yet. I think everyone who pre-ordered is excited as well to have this.

The first GT-10 sold in Malaysia


Daniel Ong is the first customer to come to Guitar Store to purchase his first GT-10. We opened at 11:30am that day due to the preparation for the GT-10. He entered the store at 11:45pm to purchase his GT-10. Indeed a fantastic effect to own.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wong and his MEGA distortion


Wong who already bought a Jackson Dinky D-10, decided to include a Boss Mega Distortion to his weaponry effects. I think he is satisfied with the sound of this effects.

Another Farida D8 Sold


Andrew from Bandar Sri Damansara decided to visit Guitar Store after being referred by Mr. Ho(Guitar Store student). After much consideration, they chose the Farida D8 for its playability and the crispiness. Well all the best to Andrew and his son...

Kenny Tay wuz here


Mr. Fingerz was here last thursday night to check out some gear. This down to earth guy is really fantastic to talk with and real groovy on the guitar. (If you dont understand how groovy is he, check out his playing.) Oh ya, he is also using Godin Multiac and the Boss PolyOctave for the bass effects.

Gabby with his Zoom B1 effects


Gabby is the man. He know electric guitar drums and even bass. Kudos to his talented guy. To add to his arsenal, the B1 is sure to send down the bass killer tones. Plus it has really good drum patterns.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Aizi with his his new Digitech Pedal


Aizi from PY decided to add a Digitech Grunge pedal for his armory. He chose for the Grunge for the grunge-kurt-corbain-inspired sound. As for the Hot Rod, his friend ask him to get it for him after checking out a good deal from us. Well, I think HE ROCKS!!

Steven from Penang meets Steven from Guitar Store


Steven from Penang came all the way to check out the TD3KW after checking my blog. Well there is a small mistake in my blog and he is good to point it out. Well I think this is my first Penang Customer so I think I might as well blog this. Pictured here with the TD3KW demo set at Damansara Perdana.

As a token of appreciation, a pair of Regal Tip 5A is on us. Enjoy your drums,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dimebag on a sx


Aboy was choosing whether to have George Lynch Screaming Demon or Dimebag Darrell Dimebucker to be installed on his SX Guitar. After much thought he decided to honour Dimebag and chose it. Mac our technician installed it whithin minutes and you could feel the Dimebag souullll from the guitar. Damn, wish I had those pickups!



Finalizing the pickups installation and putting the strings back.

Jose from Brazil


Jose from Brazil cam to our store to check out our store and found this guitar which is really good for travelling. Well all the best to you, Jose.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jackson DK2 Modified and Farul


Farul who bought a ME-20 and a Micro Cube. However he saw this guitar and returned to test it out. Even though a second hand guitar, he found the guitar to be quite and new and decided to purchased it. Well one thing led to another so hope you liked the guitar.

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